Project: Revival continues/Outdoor style

The chairs on the front porch have been screaming for a while now. Last year, (or was that year before?) was ‘paint the outside of the house year,’ and that dominated the summer!  But it’s funny, I put off projects forever then once I start, I’m rolling!  So, out to the front porch, I go.  After the dining room table, I was feeling empowered! Lol! I hate to even post this ugly picture but just so you can see the transformation, here goes!

Even FishStix is violated, and who can blame her?  Theses cushions have set out in the weather, omg, I guess at  least 7 years! One year, I pressure washed them, but we are way past that now!  Mary Lyn’s new little pillow didn’t help much here, but we found somewhere it did! 

I could hardly wait for the fabric store to open!  Now there’s a place that could get me into trouble: aisles of beautiful fabric in the latest prints and colors!

I found something that looked similar to a pattern Vicki, my sister has, and stepped off on my own and purchased 5 yards and 1 yd of  a complementary fabric for the pillow that I would make.😳 Thank goodness it worked and she approved!! However, once I got chair cushions made I discovered I would not have enough fabric to finish the ‘leg cushions’, we decided to use fabric pattern that I got for pillows on the leg cushions as well.  I love-love the end result but let me know what ya think!

 I forgot to take pictures of the step by step. But I simply removed the old and used each pillow as a pattern, leaving a large seam allowance.  I cut the sides and front and back from the chair cushion being sure to label.  There was an indention for chair rail that I had to allow for. I just turned the old cover inside out and took my cues from it!😉  Once I sewed them together, I left one end open and safety pinned it in place, so I can remove them and wash, if needed.  By the time I had finished, I felt like a pin cushion. I can’t count the times I stuck those pins in my fingers!

Are ya ready? Here’s the Outdoor Reveal:

  FishStix Approves! 
It’s not perfect, but I did it all by myself!  And for Me, that’s enough! 

Did I mention there are 2 of these chairs? 😉😁  Can’t wait to get my Asparagus ferns to finish off the look!  I’ll update post when I do!


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