Project: Revival

Revival Time!!  I decided last week it  was time to bring the much needed change to the dining room table.  It was a Flea Market find and a challenge that I wasn’t sure I was up for, but what did I have to loose? $50? That’s all I had in the table!


Since this was my first chalk paint adventure, I called my sister Vicki. She has all the experience needed. She quickly spouts off the colors I should use and tells me what supplies I need, and off I go. I wasn’t sure about the colors at first, but I have learned to trust her. I was NoT disappointed!  After assembling what I had on hand: plastic for floor, staple gun (not pictured), and plastic containers for paint mixing, it’s off to Lowe’s I go.  Just FYI: they offer Sherwin Williams Colors, but one still can purchase the slightly cheaper Valspar paint, like me.  My colors chosen:  Aesthetic white SW7035, Web Gray SW7075 and polycrylic for the finish. It’s a clear finish and will not yellow over time like polyurethane. 

Then off to the fabric store for cushion redo! And yes, I took pictures and let Vicki make the decision, another win.  Here is before and after!  {yes that is dragonflies😂}

        All surfaces lightly sanded with sand block, just enough to rough up the surface, then wiped off with rag.  Time to paint! I had a lot of help too!  At first I said no, and then 💡I thought what am I saying?  Painting chairs is not fun, unless you’re 8!  The great thing about going for the distressed look is, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

I apologize for the picture quality.  There is a lot of glare in the room, and iPhone used.

First coat finished. Time to dry.

We began to layer and dry brush colors in.  When I say we, at this point I called in the sister for reinforcement!

For the leg posts and sides, I dry brushed using charcoal FAT paint. Perfect. More layers on table top, then a little sanding for the distressed look.


Then table ended up with 3 coats of polycrylic, leaving 8 hr dry time in between.  Chairs got one good coat.  It was 3 days before we put anything on table or I allowed anyone to touch it. 😡  Covering the chair bottoms were easy.  It just takes a little care getting the corners folded in.  And since using a stapler is very inviting for my 8 year old, I had her busy on her own project of making outdoor pillows,😁💡 with her own handy dandy sewing machine!


This change totally transformed and brightened up the space!!


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