A Song Bird’s Song

This morning I was awakened by a song bird’s song, singing to his Creator. Giving thanks, and announcing that a new day has dawned. Suddenly, I realized that I was a part, in some small way, this wonderful story unfolding. His Spirit, such a mystery, began to stir these words in me:

Early in the morning my beloved calls.  His sweetness fills the air. His dawn breaks forth as His light crashes thru the darkness, bringing with it hope, He ushers out despair!  Yesterday’s mistakes are past; yet still they must be put, in the arms of the One where forgiveness rest, and joy, unspeakably meets.  Be still now in your private suite, where your Beloved calls.  He will, in His still small voice, direct, impart, and your life lead.

Awaken you sleepers! Wipe your eyes, put on your very best!!  REVIVAL HAS COME TO OUR GREAT LAND —- STAND UP!! Give a SHOUT!! The Great Harvest doors swing wide, as He is about to usher in ‘His Bride’!  Our Hope, Our Redeemer, our Bless-Ed One has come to bring in the rest!!

Awake you sleeping Giant: CONQUER, TAKE THE LAND, and LEAD, for Kings and Queens are you! Bring the Light and give water to this parched dry land: AFRESH, ALIVE and NEW!!

ARISE, take your place, Sing your song to your Creator.  Give Thanks and announce: A NEW DAY HAS DAWNED!! For you were born for such a time, as was Esther to her race. ARISE!!!!!! ARISE!!!!!!



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