Love My Mason Jars

Ok, here we go: My first attempt to grow something or should I say ‘keep alive’ ha! I had planned to grow our own herbs from seeds, but when I saw some small plants locally, I grabbed them up!  I bought Basil, Cilantro, Parsley and Rosemary. I looked around the house for some small pots, but only produced 2 and I needed 4. That’s when it hit me……Mason Jars!!! I love Mason Jars!  (I think it is because I feel a link to the past when I use them).  Ok, back to the subject at hand, I have plenty of jars.  I only had to go a few steps to my pantry to find them.  I found 4 wide mouth jars which was perfect for the job. Next, since there was no hole in the bottom, I found some of those styrofoam packaging nuggets. Yay, that should work!  Now all I needed was potting soil, and I found it, just as I left it last year in the garage.

My daughter was so excited to get to play in dirt on the kitchen counter!😅 Everything turned out great with minimal mess, and we were left with a sense of accomplishment.

We placed them in the kitchen window.  Now all I have to do is keep them alive. That sounds easy enough! (Sigh)

Okay so Todd says I need to give it up and give an honest Update on the Mason Jar herbs(lol). So here goes: We had one survivor! The rosemary plant survived only because it’s tough! I still “Love My Mason Jars” but not for a planter! I transplanted the Rosemary in a cute little pot and it is still thriving! ***watch for the square foot garden post coming up: I’m so excited!!


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