Black Thumb?

My husband, Todd, loves to tell the stories of all the plant life that has met it’s demise because it has depended on me for survival. He loudly brags that if you look closely,  you will see my thumb is not green but black!  I am determined this year to redeem myself! (I’ll keep you posted on how I do).

I have learned a few tricks. Asparagus ferns can survive quite well with less water than most, so that is the only type of fern that I buy.  Even they struggle on my front porch that is full sun after 12:00, especially during midsummer here in Mississippi.  Last year I had a couple tomato plants in containers that did quite well. Perhaps this is where my inspiration to branch out came from. I must also tell you that I grew up working in the family garden, which I vowed to never have to do again when I was grown.  In my early adult life I did manage to have one for a few years, but this is a side of me that Todd, my loving man, has never seen.  Never mind all the produce I put up every year from the farmers market, and from what we get from his dad’s garden.  Still, even I know that much more time and dedication is needed to raise one’s own garden. Do I have what it takes?  We shall see!

My daughter and I have plans to try our luck at a larger container garden and a few small ones. I am making my plans and have ordered some heirloom seeds from an online site: (This will be my first time to order from this site so as of yet I have no opinion as to their product or service.)  I think bets are being made, under the table of course, to see how quickly the “black thumb” takes to bring it’s fate.  What do ya’ll think? Anybody with me? I think I can do it!!

Did I mention we love to camp in the summer?😳




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